More About Affiliate Management

Affiliate Management is much more than asking Affiliates to send you traffic and hoping for the best. In order for an Operator to effectively service their affiliates and grow revenues from this channel, education, care, systems, software, and great account management skills will need to be adopted. Without getting the basics right you can open your brand up for serious fines at worst, brand damage and missed revenues. It pays to get it right!:

Hi there! the aim of this site and podcast series is to spread the word on best practices in managing affiliates and how both sides of the ledger look. (and catching’ up with my industry pals.)

…and to help operators know what affiliates like Andrew Housego from think:

I think affiliates have started to become a little bit wiser when it comes to the promoting. So we’re looking at things like the value per click, for example, that we have on site. We also consider the software that the site might use, we’ve known for previous experiences, which software converts better and which has a better value.

New to Affiliate Management or an old veteran like me then I think you will enjoy what’s on offer here! Enjoy!