A super affiliate is exactly what it sounds like. This is a person who is head and shoulders above the rest, both in the number of sales they generate and the amount of money they earn.

As an affiliate manager, there’s nothing better than having a super affiliate on your side (the more the better). These affiliates are the cream of the crop, meaning they know exactly what it takes to drive a large number of sales.

While this all sounds great, there’s probably one question on your mind: where do you find super affiliates?

If it were easy to find these people and bring them on board, every affiliate program would do so. The fact of the matter is that it’s difficult to not only locate these affiliates, but to also convince them that you have offers worth promoting.


Here are three things you can do with the idea of attracting super affiliates:

1. Attend Conferences

From general affiliate marketing conferences to those for your particular industry, you should spend as much time as possible at these events.

With a booth, it’s easy to attract people who are interested in learning more. The majority of people will fall well short of super affiliate status, but you never know when you’ll come across that “diamond in the rough.”

Don’t be shy about talking to anyone and everyone who has interest in your affiliate program. You can’t tell if a person is a super affiliate just by looking at them, so you need to dig deeper.

Tip: even if you don’t setup a booth, you can still attend conferences as a means of connecting with affiliates and seeking out the top players.


2. Online Forums

Make no bones about it: finding supper affiliates in online forums is easier said than done. There’s more to this than posting every now and again with hopes that a super affiliate will eventually check out your program and join.

You need to immerse yourself in these forums in order for this to happen. Spend time asking and answering questions. Share information on your program and what it has to offer. Be open to taking your conversations away from the forum, such as a phone call or face-to-face meeting.

There are a countless number of online forums where affiliates discuss everything imaginable. The super affiliates are out there, you simply need to find them.


3. Attract Them Naturally

You can do as much “super affiliate prospecting” as you want, but there’s no guarantee you’ll ever find these people. For this reason, you should also do your best to naturally attract top tier affiliates.

There are many ways of doing so, such as:

  • Sharing information on your program and offers in as many places as possible
  • Ensuring that your payouts are ultra-competitive (if not the best)
  • Doing whatever it takes to maintain a solid reputation

When you do these things, you’re more likely to attract super affiliates.

Final tip: treat every affiliate like a super affiliate, as you never know who will grow into one in the future.


No one will ever tell you that it’s easy to find super affiliates. While it takes some hard work and dedication, along with a little bit of luck, the right strategy will payoff at some point in the future.

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